What is Patient Centered Care?

There is a lot of conversation going on about the Patients Centered Care (PCC) model, and there is some confusion about what patient-centered means.  In reality the term "patient centered healthcare" encompasses a number of concepts.  In simplest terms patient-centered care presumes an appropriate level of involvement by the patient (and sometimes the patient's family) in planning his or her healthcare and medical treatments.  The concept is often associated with a healthcare delivery method based on a team of medical care providers, with a central primary care provider coordinating the delivery of care (sometimes referred to as 'medical home'.)  Additional aspects of PCC include; easy access and communications, patient empowerment, choice and individualization, 'whole person' care, coordination of treatment, availability of information, and improved processes and outcomes.

The Affordable Care Act includes a number of provisions that are designed to improve and strengthen the patient-centered care model.  If the law is correctly implemented, incentives in the healthcare system could be realigned to support more cost effective care delivery and better outcomes for patients.  Pilot programs are currently in progress with some promising results.

In addition, new regulations and incentives are promoting the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR), which brings greater efficiency to healthcare delivery, and more transparency to the patient.  EHR systems will be an important factor in the implementation of PCC and improved medical care.


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